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Levels for learn to swim

These levels are a guide only and parents need to be aware that children transition between these levels at varying rates. Our teachers always teach to what the children in each class require, so these levels do change accordingly.

T0 - This class is the starting point for beginners aged 4 or over, who have not come through our water orientation program. This class has lots of activities for promoting fun and enjoyment in the water. We start with some songs to keep it fun and relaxed, along with specific activities to encourage breath control and help children feel confident to put their head/face under the water. Your child will also learn basic aquatic skills such as floating and kicking.

T1 – This class is a transition from water orientation or a continuation from T0. We start with some songs to keep it fun and relaxed. The focus here is on building on the skills learned in water orientation, mastering basic aquatic skills like breath control, submerging and floating, along with an introduction to gliding and kicking.

T2 – This class continues with lots of floats, glides and kicking as these are important skills that need to be repeated, often. Your child will learn to kick & glide and be introduced to basic freestyle arms. Back floats are extended into kicking on their back (a key survival skill). Water safety skills are included when applicable.

T3 – Your child will build on their basic freestyle stroke and increase distance of both freestyle and kicking on their back. The main aquatic components of gliding and kicking continue to be practised. The rotational component necessary for freestyle and backstroke is introduced, as is dolphin kick. Your child will be able to swim 5m independently. Water safety skills are included when applicable.

T4 – This class continues to build your child’s freestyle stroke by introducing steps required to enable them to turn to the side and take a breath. This involves use of kickboards and further practise of being able to rotate in the water. Back kicking continues to be practised along with dolphin kick. By this class, your child will be starting to swim the length of the pool (11m). Water safety skills are included when applicable.

LTS 1 – This class builds on the previous class, furthering the practise of the steps towards breathing to the side in freestyle while increasing distance along with back kick and dolphin kick. Water safety skills are included when applicable.

LTS 2 – This class pulls together all the skills necessary for effective, side-breathing freestyle swimming, introduces backstroke arms (towards full backstroke) and treading water. In this class, your child will be starting to swim double laps (22m).

LTS 3 – This class will commence breaststroke legs, sculling, tumble turns and will continue to refine all aspects of backstroke and freestyle learned in previous classes.

LTS 4 – Advanced learn to swim. The focus of classes is on refining your child’s technique for freestyle and backstroke, starting breaststroke arms, side stroke and butterfly as well as on increasing distance and endurance, including the ‘100 lap challenge’! This class is solid grounding for your child in all swimming strokes as well being preparation for squad.

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