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Simon Browning

Simon has been teaching learn to swim for more than 20 years. Previously a competitive swimmer himself and a qualified Maths/Science teacher, Simon has spent many years refining the progressive teaching program that you will experience at Seahorse. He loves the challenges and rewards that come with teaching children this life-saving skill. He has seen many past students go on to use their swimming for competitive, vocational and recreational pursuits. Simon and his partner Andrea have owned the Seahorse Swim Centre since 2007.

Andrea Jackson

Andrea is a qualified physiotherapist and yoga teacher as well as swim instructor. She started teaching learn to swim following the birth of the first of her two children and is particularly passionate about early years swimming and the learning relationship between the child and parent in water orientation classes. “It’s been a great journey - having young children and owning a swim school - in that we have been able to observe behaviours and the learning process in our own children and apply that knowledge to the way we run our lessons.”

Jules Webster

Grace Banks

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